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We serve a menu experience, served to all diners at the same time. Seating is around a bar placed in front of the open kitchen, so the guests get a view of all the activity carried out by the kitchen staff. The menu, which changes from time to time, is created by Chef Raz Rahav who draws inspiration from the local culture, raw materials, history and ‘chutzpa’, while being aware of the availability of raw materials and the season, influences from around the world and memories.

The nature of the meal requires a set menu that is not presented to the diners when they arrive. We encourage you to come with an open mind, and together with the other diners, experience new tastes and raw materials. At the same time, we are heedful to culinary limitations such as pregnancies, veganism, vegetarianism, kosher adaption and allergies. Please make sure to mention it at the time of making your reservation. We will not be able to change the menu during the meal itself.

Service Types

  • Tasting Menu - 669

Make sure to add a note with your reservation  stating which menu you prefer from our suggested menus: Our tasting menu  (no limitations) Vegetarian menu Pescatarian menu Kosher adapted menu (no pork and no shellfish)

Please note: if you have a food allergy please contact us by phone or e-mail we will not be able to make changes in servings during the meal.

Restaurant Reservation

The reservations for August will open online on Thursday 18.7.24 at 10:30 am

Our Team


Raz Rahav

Dana Lugasi

Shalev Ben Zvi

Itay Roman

Meni Shadmi

Rotem Shaya

Ophir Porath

Niv Rosenberg


Idan Blumenthal

Erez Zoares

Eyal Niv

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the price of the meal include?

The price of the meal is 669₪ for a full meal. The meal price includes water and sparkling water. Alcohol is not included in the price of the meal and a wine and alcohol menu is served in the restaurant which can also be found on our web-site. It is important to note that the restaurant does not serve soft drinks other than water and sparkling water.

What are the restaurant's opening hours?

The restaurant works from Monday through Thursday, seating starts at 6:00 p.m. and ends at 9:30 p.m

What is the seating order for three diners or more?

An order for three diners or more will be placed in a corner. If there is no corner available we will mention this at the time of the order.

How do I order a gift certificate?

At the moment, it is not possible to order a gift certificate for the restaurant

What if I don't eat fish?

It is important to note that the first cold dishes served with fish will be replaced with a vegetarian dish rather than a meat dish. The hot fish dishes will be replaced with meat dishes.

What if I don’t like something?

We encourage you to try and sense the whole meal experience together with the other diners. The menu is tailored to suit the Israeli public and no ingredients such as ants or insects will be served. However, in an extreme case of aversion to certain raw materials, please make sure to mention this at the time of making the reservation and we will try to adapt the meal accordingly.

What happens if I’m late?

The meal is served at the same time to everyone present. Your being late will impair the experience for all guests. If you know you are going to be late, please indicate this so we can prepare accordingly. A diner who is late by 20 minutes or more will join the meal from the stage it is at when they arrive.

Are you Kosher?

We are not Kosher. We work with non-kosher raw materials. You may request a dairy or meat kosher meal according to the following guidelines: For a person who does not eat milk after meat, a dairy menu will be served with fish only. For a person who does not eat milk and meat in the same dish, a menu with meat and fish can be served. Of course, no seafood or white meat (such as pork) will be served in the kosher menus.

What if I don't like something in the middle of the meal?

Part of the meal experience is for you to taste new flavors and raw materials, and step out of your comfort zone. It is important to note that as with any meal, you may find some of the dishes tastier than others. Some of the dishes may be more surprising than others, some more daring than others. We try to convey a "story", and construct the meal in a certain way. Except for very extreme cases, it will not be possible to make changes to dishes during the meal.

Do you have brunch?

After a long time of having brunch meals, we decided to stop with our brunch in the meantime. Maybe in the future we'll bring it back again. In case this happens, we will update.

What about cancellations?

You may cancel your reservation up to 48 hours prior to the time of the meal without charge. Cancellation of the meal after this time will be charged 50% of the cost of the meal per person.

Why do you ask for a credit card at the time of the reservation?

We are a small restaurant that seats only 23 people. Every cancellation affects us much more than any other restaurant. The raw materials and the staff are determined and coordinated in advance according to the number of diners. The credit card is taken for deposit, and will only be charged according to our cancellation policy.

Can I bring a bottle of wine for corkage?

Yes, you can bring a bottle of wine that is not on our wine menu for corkage. Reservation of 4 persons or under will be charged 65 ₪ per bottle. Reservations over 4 diners will be charged 40 ₪ per person, regardless of the number of bottles.

Do you do private events?

We hold private events for minimum of 20 diners and maximum of 23 diners. For more information and reservations please contact the restaurant by Email.

Where can I park?

We are located at 17 Tirza Street, in the Noga compound, Jaffa. On the day of arrival, you will receive an SMS with a Waze link to the car park located close to the restaurant where you can park. We don't have cooperation with parking lots.

Contact us

Address: 17, Tirza st. TLV
Phone: 03-556-6774
Email: [email protected]

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