We at OCD want to create a full hosting experience

we build the menu to serve our cause and our own desires to

challenge, surprise and make our diners emotional about food –

by constructing a meal that is made of a large variety of textures and flavors

that will engage all of your senses during the whole duration of the meal.


The current dinner menu is composed 16-20 plates and can change at any time

according to the season and a range of raw materials available.

Dinner served is a full meal and always combines meat and fish dishes

and vegetable-based dishes, and desserts at the end.


All of our dishes can be adjusted for food allergies and sensitivities,

but it is important to note that there are several basic ingredients including onion, garlic and raw alcohol,

which we cannot remove from the menu in case of allergies.


We offer a number of menus you can choose from:


* * *

Culinary menu without restrictions

Vegetarian menu

Vegetarian menu with fish and seafood.

White meat-free menu and seafood

* * *


You cannot make changes to the menu or to reduce and avoid certain ingredients during or prior to arrival.


As for allergies and medical restrictions we will answer specifically for each client.